Slim 'n Sculpt®

Many people seeking surgical image enhancements for the body and/or face are often less than ideal candidates for such procedures due to various degrees of overweight, obesity, or other medical issues. Frequently, individuals will combine the goal of weight loss and cosmetic improvement and look to a surgery as an answer to both. And often, practitioners will stretch the boundaries of expectations to accommodate this. However, weight reduction and cosmetic enhancement, in the vast majority of cases, have little or no bearing on one another. In other words, one should not enter into a cosmetic surgery procedure with a key expectation being that they can solve their weight issue at the same time. Even liposuction, a procedure for extracting fat in overburdened areas, while having the appearance of being a weight reduction methodology, is meant to be and is best utilized for sculpting target areas -belly, love handles/saddlebags, thighs etc. – where patients are already within reasonable weight/fat composition parameters.

As an integrated medical-spa practice, we have developed the Slim and Sculpt® protocol to link the objectives of weight loss and cosmetic enhancement under a safe, medically responsible umbrella. The S&S program has four objectives:

  • Establish and reach target weight and fitness guidelines for the optimal outcome of cosmetic surgery procedures.
  • Shed excess weight and fat from the patient in a medical setting that identifies and corrects underlying causes of weight retention.
  • Give the patient a realistic and sustainable (pathway) that will have the highest probability of keeping the weight off, body/fat composition optimal and health indicators at their best.
  • Provide realistic support for maintaining the benefits and longevity of the surgery.

This four pronged goal is accomplished through the teamwork of Dr. Erner (Bariatric), Dr. Fiorentino (Naturopathic Medicine) and Drs. Farruggio and Stupak (cosmetic surgery). This unique, cross-discipline approach, involving each specialist, frames a unique, personalized, goal-oriented roadmap, reflecting the highest level of guidance and proactivity every step of the way.