Our Services

The path to total well-being and effective age management extends from the inside out. ElixirSpa offers a comprehensive range of integrated aesthetics and medical services addressing prevention, interdiction and correction, blending Western technology and traditional Chinese healing to achieve a harmonious, holistic approach to skin and body care. The modalities and techniques utilized at ElixirSpa are supported by current science, clinical trials, peer reviewed research and are ultimately vetted by our exhaustive in-house process. They are complemented by homecare product formulations, manufactured under the most stringent protocols and carefully selected by our founder and head medical aesthetician, Joanne Salerno.

A word about viewing our menu. Since we adhere to a strict “one size never fits all” premise, the “consult-first” approach to client and patient care across our entire practice is a highly customized process. This signature strategy is at the root of helping to first determine what we cannot/should not do and then establishing safe options for the most effective treatment and homecare regime for the individual. As a result, the full array of treatments and procedures we offer extend beyond what we could possibly discuss here. Hence, this website should be considered a kind of guidebook to some of the tools at our disposal.