Services For Men

Most men, particularly over the age of 35, become increasingly conscious of the physical and aesthetic effects of time, protracted stress, the environment and yes, neglect. Not really surprising though, is that men share many of the same concerns as women, (only, perhaps a little more covertly).

The importance of retaining a youthful appearance, along with the physical vitality to stay competitive professionally and to fully enjoy their lifestyle, is established early and is only magnified with passing years.

For men, fine lines and wrinkles, ingrown facial hairs, large pores and blackheads are common skin imperfections that generally do not see more than a bar of soap to offset them. Similarly, conditions such as Rosacea, broken capillaries, sunspots and a host of others require more aggressive treatment than merely a vigorous shower. (On a related note, unfortunately, all-in-one products, while seemingly convenient, are counterproductive to meaningful, efficacious care.) Many guys also come to grips with unwanted hair on areas of the body where they would prefer a clean look.

And then, of course, there is the practical value and inherently pure pleasure of relaxation and de-stressing treatments, which begs the application of expert massage and reflexology, among other therapies.

So, all in all, a man’s needs can be as wide in scope as a woman’s.

Within ElixirSpa’s discrete medical context, men find a unique, gender neutral and low key setting in which we address virtually any aesthetic or wellness concern. Exclusive and individualized for their specific needs, goals and limitations, (as determined by a detailed complimentary analysis) men turn to us for care of their skin and an approach to establishing and maintaining a great appearance while being mindful of their limited time and scheduling demands.

Some of Our Men’s Favorite Treatments

The Man's Elixir - $125-$140

A stimulating facial formulated especially to restore suppleness and resilience to a man's unique skin texture. Tones and enlivens the skin while calming the savage beast. Great with a reflexology.

Cream Peels – $175.00-$225.00

Effective, painless and relaxing treatments with no down time, leaving a man’s skin healthy and revitalized. Cream peels vary in strength, as determined by the specific goal, skin condition and profile of the individual guy. Treatments can be synergized with simple homecare steps to support results and maintain healthier more vibrant skin.

Microdermabrasion- $200-$250

State of the art resurfacing technologies to reduce imperfections of the skin, leaving it with a fresh tone and more youthful appearance.

Men’s Phyto Facial – $150.00-$225.00

Based on the matter and energy principles of traditional Chinese Medicine, (TCM) Deep Pore Cleansing Facial Treatments using algae, essential oils and clay, (w/extractions, where advisable) often combined with lymphatic drainage to assist the body in ridding itself of system fatiguing toxins.

Miracle Wave – $100-$125

A favorite among men, our electro-stimulation system rejuvenates skin and promotes better blood circulation. Best done in weekly, or bi-weekly series of 30-45 minute treatments.

Injectibles (no-charge consultation)

Botox - Charged by unit

Ease and soften the impact of career and lifestyle stress on the face. Relax crow’s feet and the lines and furrows of the brows for a younger, relaxed, less severe look.

Fillers (Juvederm, Voluma) Charged by syringe

Deeper lines around the mouth, nasal labial folds that accentuate stress and aging can be softened with these Hyaluronic acid based fillers.

(All injectible treatments and facial surgical procedures performed by Howard Stupak, MD, Double Board Certified Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon. We use only genuine Allergan products direct from the manufacturer.)

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) – Charged by area.

Highly effective for treating capillaries and brown spots, Rosacea and scars and collagen regeneration.

IPL for Hair Removal: Charged by area (Requires serial treatments).

Men’s Relaxation Favorites

Deep Tissue Massage: $125/hr. $185/1.5 hrs.

Swedish Massage: $ $185.1.5 hrs.

Sports Stress/Injury Massage: $125/hr.

Thai Massage: $225/2 hrs.

Reflexology: $100/hr.

See Relaxation Therapy page for a more complete list and description of techniques.