About ElixirSpa

The American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine (A4M) has defined aging as a ”treatable condition” and asserts that “we have the power today to slow and even reverse the disease we call aging”.

As a medical spa, our mission is to provide diverse conventional and alternative medicine modalities that give clients and patients more control over their own health, well being and image. It’s what we have come to call healthspan –the capacity for living a better quality of life for a longer period of time. It’s not the proverbial fountain of youth, but rather an arsenal of therapies, services and homecare strategies that help remediate skin and other health and aesthetics concerns. So, while the field is awash in trendy, highly hyped “magic bullet” devices and treatments, our approach to anti-aging is founded on peer-reviewed research, clinical trials and studies, ultimately customized by our team of physician specialists and estheticians based on the medical history and lifestyle of the individual. The formulations that we make available for homecare are an extension of the in-office therapies that we perform. They are intrinsic to the individual taking control of their wellness, sustainability and appearance as a matter of day to day routine.

Above and beyond the norm for even the most highly developed medical spas, is the extraordinary intersection of medical specialties, performed at a level thought to be exclusive to the most influential medical institutions and more publicly promoted practices.

Principal among them is rhinoplasty, (functional and cosmetic) and its relationship to numerous other disorders such as sleep apnea. Bringing a unique skill set to procedures of the nose and face, Dr. Howard Stupak is at the leading edge of advances in the field of otorhinolaryngology and facial plastics.

As is typical, these services are enveloped within the nurturing environment and care for which ElixirSpa is renown.

ElixirSpa’s staff of estheticians averages more than 30 years progressive experience in a comprehensive scope of medical spa services.