Naturopathic Medicine

Dr. Fiorentino provides one of the many unique dimensions of ElixirSpa; the recognition of "wellness” and "prevention” as discrete goals, as well as an inherent pre-condition for winning aesthetics. Accordingly, the modality of Naturopathic Medicine is a vital asset to our comprehensive strategy for anti-aging.

Naturopathic Medicine treats the root cause rather than symptoms of disease. Naturopathic medicine is utilized in virtually any medical setting. Among the typical issues addressed by this holistic medical art are heart disease, hypertension, arthritis, peripheral vascular disease, coronary artery disease, chronic headache and many gastro-intestinal disorders. Patient complaints/concerns that may have visible or non-visible manifestations are often a focal point, in many instances having eluded diagnosis through traditional medical conventions. The in-depth consultation can determine, as well, if there are alternatives to drug therapy and other "mainstream” modalities that the patient may be undergoing. In effect, complimentary medicine takes a broader view of the conglomerate of underlying causes that may be simultaneously contributing to a given health matter. While programs are geared towards disease prevention wherever possible, active treatment is administered as indicated. Nutritional and herbal therapies are the preferred prescription in conjunction with other complimentary therapies. Treatments can be provided as appropriate either exclusively or alongside the patient’s primary care physician.