The Face

Phyto5 Face Treatments

Method based on the matter and energy principles of Chinese medicine. It applies the Yin-Yang and Five Element Theory which traces the flow and interaction of energy throughout the body. All Phyto face treatments begin with energizing and balancing the body.

Phyto mask add-on: $30

Phyto5 Facials: $145 & up

European deep pore cleansing technique, using algae, essential oils, clay.

Ageless LaCure Facial: $200

The in-service foundation of a bioceutical program providing five important aesthetic/anti-aging actions. Corresponding homecare formulas synergize with this effective, holistic treatment to address: 1) essential hydration, 2) addition of needed minerals, 3) wrinkles filled from within, 4) age-defying anti-oxidants, 5) lifting, firming, toning.

Lymphatic Drainage: $125

The removal from the lymphatic system of toxins, protein deposits and excessive fluids which otherwise contaminate tissues and are likely the underlying cause of eczema, allergies, edema and infections. Lymphatic drainage stimulates lymph for regeneration of cells and promotion of metabolic processes.