Laser Services

Our approach to light based therapy has its foundation in ongoing review and assessment of evolving technology and modalities over the past decade and a half. Careful evaluation of platforms and specifications within this family of devices led us to the selection of the Palomar 500 StarLuxe system, (which had been in operation at our practice for the past six years) and more recently, the current state of the art, Palomar ICON.

The utility of this system that we prefer is, in part, attributed to its flexibility and effectiveness among fundamental light-based treatment targets; hair, brown spots, capillaries, skin re-texturing.. Since, in our view, it is important to weigh the end benefit with considerations such as overall safety, collateral tissue damage, recovery time, treatment cost and caliber of improvement, the Palomar ICON system excels as an incomparably efficient tool.

A careful consult and analysis is pre-requisite to administering any Laser/IPL services to determine candidacy for treatment and optimal fine tuning and application of treatment parameters. Simultaneously, realistic expectations are established along with costs for the specific course of treatment. The latter is determined by the area(s) of the body being treated and of course, the nature of the treatment itself.

Aftercare and instructions are key aspects of our complete treatment regimen. Despite the pervasiveness of these kinds of procedures, they cannot be taken lightly. Sidestepping prudent treatment protocols or care can end, needlessly, with a host of disappointments and complications, ranging from poor results, excessive numbers of treatments (and expense) to burning, hypopigmentation and scarring. Similarly, working outside of approved medical/functional applications of each device, (such as inappropriate treatment of spider veins of the legs) may camouflage or distract from the true nature of a condition.