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Wellness and Aesthetics; the Pillars of Anti-aging

What, me aging?

I am 69. So what do I have in common with a 59, 39, or 19 year old?…….. we’re all aging. You might say we’re at different stops on the same train. Aging is actually chronic degenerative disease. Most people I know, including myself, would rather fight the process kicking and screaming, as opposed to just accepting it gracefully. Today, there are more ways than ever to shape your wellness and aesthetics. When you think about it though, that mindset really takes in a lot, including;

  • care of your overall health, including prevention
  • correcting/healing things that are wrong, medically
  • sensibly improving things that trouble you, aesthetically

Sound Guidance Can Be So Hard to Find

Objective information on wellness and aesthetics can be hard to find.

If you are like so many of us, you know that sorting through all the aesthetic and wellness information available online and from other sources turns making good choices into a daunting task. So many “solutions” are made to sound like an easy fix. Our take-away from the majority of all this information is that chasing the miracle cures, the magic bullets, the “effortless” ways to achieve this or that result, is nothing more than a fool’s errand. The same is true when it comes to buying into marketing and messaging for wellness and aesthetics products and treatments that so often captures our attention and elevates our expectations, unrealistically.

Access to Objective Specialists Helps

Fortunately for me, I work in an environment where wellness and aesthetics functions intersect. I am surrounded by colleagues who are top professionals in their respective medical and aesthetic modalities. They make sound, realistic evaluations day in and day out. I meet patients and clients across a remarkably broad spectrum of lifestyles, conditions and personal goals. They range in age from their teens to their 80’s, but are all concerned about some aspect of their well-being and/or appearance.

Countless Concerns

Twenty-six year old Rhonda is seeking a treatment to brighten her skin and then a daily routine for protecting and caring for it. Mr. G, a 37 year old money manager, is troubled by his deepening frown lines and crows feet that he swears come from his stressful work place. Mrs. R. is a 40 something who believes she has a thyroid problem that has gone inadequately diagnosed for a long time. Mrs. F, 50, is tired of the breathing problems and sinus infections from which she’s suffered for as long as she can remember. And then, recently divorced 57 year old Ms. D. would like to turn back the clock a few years by targeting her sagging neck & jaw line. I could go on and on and I’ve no doubt that anyone reading this blog could weigh in with their own personal issues. So, we’ll draw from true experts in their respective fields and specialties to address a wide range of age “delaying”, (or, management) concerns, both medical and aesthetic and we’ll try to offer some insights and guidance that may be of practical value to readers.

Some of the Wellness and Aesthetics Subjects We’ll Be Talking About in Upcoming Posts:

  • Is Your Nose Getting in the Way of more than just a Good Night’s Sleep?
  • Why Naturopathy Now?
  • Eyelash Extensions: Safely and Beautifully
  • Lymphatic Drainage for Better Health and Appearance
  • The Art to (Eyebrow) Arching
  • Reflexology: foot rub or therapy?

I hope you’ll follow our blog and come away with some information that’s beneficial to your life; medically and aesthetically, to live a better quality of life for a longer period of time. It’s what we call “Healthspan”. In the meantime, (or for that matter at any time) if there is some question or curiosity nagging at you, let us know. If it’s in our wheelhouse, we’ll answer it directly; if not, point you to a credible resource that may provide the answers you need -the operative word here is “credible”.