Bariatric Program Information

Typically, an INITIAL EVALUATION will take place to gather the following information:

  • Comprehensive history
  • Body Composition Analysis
  • Labs & EKG may be performed or can be obtained from one of your other doctors.


  • Dietary programs are flexible. A variety of plans are INDIVIDUALIZED and may incorporate adjunctive nutriceuticals or drug therapy as indicated.
  • Patients may be put on specially designed high-protein food supplements for a more regimented program that is easier to follow. Additionally, functional foods may be included to provide satiety while adding structure and variety to the program.
  • Once a reasonable amount of weight is lost, based upon the initial body composition analysis, we will then tailor a maintenance program for you using a balanced diet. Food sensitivities will be evaluated if necessary.

Cost of initial teleconference - $175

Weight loss/management may also be approached via the application of Naturopathic Medicine. Visit the Naturopathic Medicine page for additional information.