The Body (page 2)

Deep Cleansing ⁄ Rejuvenating

Color Therapy Body Treatment (Phyto) ($250)

A complex, full body regime incorporating Chromatherapy, (the application of specific light frequencies), vibration therapy used on acupuncture points, lymphatic drainage and Chakra balancing.

Beautiful Breast Treatment (Phyto) ($225)

A preventive wellness treatment for firm and healthy Breasts. Includes lymphatic drainage.

Cellulite Treatment ($175)

Combined therapy applying the most current, non-invasive approach to the systemic cause of cellulite. Oral and topical formulations provide medically-based homecare for ongoing benefits.

Body Slimming Treatment ($225)

Luxurious and potent treatment that smoothes skin texture and helps to improve the appearance of cellulite. Assists reducing fluid retention and boosts circulation via helping to increase lymphatic drainage. Eliminates toxins and aids in the breakdown of excess fat. Smoothes out the uneven look of dimpled skin. Best results achieved through a series of four treatments.

Hand & Arm (add-on) - $40